Radar & Laser


Radar & Laser

Stinger Radar VIP with Laser Jamming

  • Superior¬†protection and shielding
  • Hidden (fiber optic) advanced laser jamming
  • Installed front/front & rear
  • Military-grade radar patch antenna
  • Strip or large screen display
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Escort Radar

  • Great all-around performance
  • Quietest and most user-friendly
  • Connects to Escort-Live for real-time alerts
  • Most flexible installation for optimal controller and display placement
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Radenso (radar only)

  • Superior ALP laser jamming (also offered as standalone jammer)
  • Premium Radenso radar detection
  • Seamless ALP integration through Radenso display
  • Integrates ALP laser jammers
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K40 Radar & Laser

  • Good all-around
  • Minimalistic LED display
  • Least invasive installation into vehicle
  • Keyfob remote controller
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