Project Overview

This Lamborghini Huracan Spyder received the ultimate audiophile Focal Ultima sound upgrade. The Focal Ultima is an active audio kit designed and developed from the best of Focal technologies, from the most prestigious hi-fi speakers. New acoustics reference, true hi-fi system, Ultima is composed of a real mid-bass developed from the Grande Utopia EM midrange associated with its pure Beryllium tweeter with IAL2 technology. We coupled these drivers with Mosconi Zero Class A amplifiers, along with the Mosconi Aerospace processor for the cleanest amplification and most accurate processing. The Midbass drivers are installed in a custom speaker enclosure, and finished off in alcantara and painted accents that match the vehicle interior. The oversized Beryllium tweeters are mounted the furthest corners to give us the widest sound stage possible, and aimed strategically to allow for the most precise time-alignment possible. We incorporated tasteful LED accent lighting into the enclosures and finished off the final product in OEM grade materials.

Next up is the Stinger VIP radar detector and laser jammer kit. This kit utilizes military grade radar patch antennas for unparalleled radar detection and false alert filtering, as well as tint fiber optic laser jammers that allow for the most discrete of installations. We integrated the Stinger LCD display into a motorized mechanism that is completely invisible when off, and motorizes out of the driver side vent.

We added our custom magnetic front plate kit to the lower portion of the front bumper, a Smart Top convertible top controller, skid plates, and to finish the vehicle off, we performed a 3-stage paint correction, full wrapped every painted panel in self-healing paint protection film, and sealed up with a full Ceramic Pro Platinum ceramic sealant package.