Project Overview

This custom ordered Ferrari 458 Spider checked off every option in the Ferrari order catalog, but it did not offer a few of our client’s necessities! One of these items is a phone cradle that charges, holds, and streams the audio. We found the perfect placement on top of the center air vent, mounted the cradle without modifying the factory panel (to revert back to stock), and angled towards the driver with no glare.

The upgraded audio package also left our client wanting more. We were able to carefully integrate a JL Audio 10” TW3 subwoofer in between the seats, moved the fire extinguisher off the passenger footwell and mounted behind the passenger seat. We sourced the same leather that the Ferrari factory uses and wrapped the enclosure, ordered a cavalino that we incorporated into the subwoofer grill, and finished off the trim in the same silver finish used in the rest of the interior. We upgraded all the interior speakers using Focal KRX speakers that fit seamlessly into the factory speaker locations.

An integrated Escort radar detector and laser jammer system was also carefully integrated into the vehicle with the controller flushed into an easily replaceable panel and display etched into the rearview mirror.


Ferrari 458 Spider