Project Overview

This Porsche Cayman GT4 is fully wrapped in our Stealth Paint Protection Film, which allows for the original color to have a “matte” finish applied, that is not offered from the factory. This film is self-healing (minor abrasions and rock chips disappear with heat), and is easily replaceable if damaged.

Yellow and black contrast colors to different areas to enhance the visual appearance of the body panels (mirrors, wing tips, side air blades).

Ceramic sealant has been applied to every surface of the vehicle (paint, ppf, windows, wheels, interior) to protect the finishes.

An Escort radar detector and laser jammer is installed with the controller in the ashtray, display in the rear view mirror, LED alert in the gauge cluster, and jammer flushed into the front mesh.

A magnetic front plate has been custom fabricated and installed for invisible mounting on the bumper, and a custom racing seat and roll cage for the occasional track days!


Cayman GT4