Project Overview

This mineral white BMW M4 came to us straight from the dealership upon delivery for the works. We started off with a full paint correction, full body paint protection film package, and Ceramic Pro Platinum sealant package for optimal paint protection.

The installed an audiophile audio system utilizing the factory head unit. The head unit signal is sent through a Mosconi processor for complete control of the signal (time alignment, 31 band parametric EQ,…), amplified through Mosconi AS amplifiers, and run through Focal KRX speakers and dual JL Audio subwoofers custom mounted into a new rear deck. The entire vehicle was fully sound deadened utilizing Dynamat Xtreme and foam deadening material. We flushed in the Mosconi controller into the center console for the ability to switch through 4 set presets for the equalization and time alignment profiles.

The windows with treated with Ceramic window tint for optimal UV protection, heat rejection, and privacy. The font plate was mounted on a remote controlled, motorized front plate kit. The suspension was upgraded with fully adjustable coilovers with camber adjustment, sway bars, and polyurethane bushings.

The exhaust system was allow to flow better with high flow catalytic converters, X-pipe and a free-flowing exhaust system. The ECU has been reflashed for the higher flow and for more responsive throttle response.

We also added our own custom LED lit badges. The front roundel illuminates in 4 quadrants that shine in white and blue to follow the BMW color scheme, and the rear roundel illuminates in dim red for parking lights and bright red once the brake is applied