Details by AVI- Ceramic Pro Boston

We are proud to present the latest chapter by AVI- Details by AVI! We offer an in-house Eco-friendly car hand wash, elite detailing, ceramic paint coatings, and beyond in Newton. Please contact us at (617) 928-1188 to book your appointment today or stop in!

We are now able to provide an elite level of detailing and eco-friendly steam wash for both interior & exterior. Using the most technologically advanced methods out there today, our clients tell us that it’s more than just a car wash, it’s the best car wash they’ve ever had. We provide a luxury service that exceeds expectations and is the industry standard. Being a certified Ceramic Pro dealer, (with experience with Opti-coat Opticoat, C-Quartz and many others), we are your one-stop-shop for all your detailing needs.